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Virtual Language Lab from I love Chinese

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Naslagwerken Onderwijs
Developer: Snapp Ltd
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I love Chinese - Virtual Language Lab™ for iPad is our framework for the future of smart mobile learning. If iPad is the convergence of mobile devices, then Virtual Language Lab is the convergence of learning methods and technologies. Virtual Language Lab™ is NOT just another app. It is the hub from which you will be able to consolidate all your learning activity into one place in a seamless and integrated way.

In this first version we have deliberately focused on the core foundation activities of character recognition, speech, pronunciation and reading.

An intuitive learning tool with a rare purity of purpose, extensively researched considering market best practice and real world experience from students, teachers and native Chinese speakers.

SIMPLE and elegant, unencumbered by features secondary to the core purpose of mastering the recognition and pronunciation of the 3,001+ characters that underpin daily communication

INTELLIGENT spaced repetition principles guide your learning, constantly focusing you on the words that you find most difficult to recall

QUALITY assured by Mr. Yuegang Jin, a native Mandarin Chinese linguistics consultant, lecturer at the world leading language centre at SOAS – (University of London) and Examiner of the China National Language Committees National Putonghua Certificate in Mandarin Chinese

PRECISE pronunciation of each character by Mr. Yuegang Jin who is recognized as having perfect diction

INFORMATIVE colour-coded visual markers show your progress at a glance

IN TUNE with your lifestyle, seamlessly allowing you to pick up where you left off

AUTHENTIC font selected to give a true representation of the calligraphers brush strokes as this increases recall and lays the foundation for writing the characters

BEAUTIFUL modern take on traditional Chinese idiom stories which not only help you practice your reading skills but are also a pleasure to behold, with clean and contemporary illustrations

I LOVE CHINESE - Virtual Language Lab™: designed by and for those that study and teach Chinese

Linguistics consultant: Mr Yuegang Jin, Examiner and holder of National Putonghua Certificate - Grade One and First Rate (Highest Level in Mandarin Chinese) | Artistic Director: Evelyn Chiu

If you dont feel this is quite the right app for you, please let us know why by emailing us at